Dana White's Contender Series 43 Preview, Odds, and Betting Analysis

 Dana White's Contender Series 43 Preview, Odds, and Betting Analysis

Dana Whites' Contender Series - MMA Cage - Hand Holding Money

In regular DWCS status, we covered Season 5 Week 6 going 3-2 on our wagers for the night, while calling the main dark horse win of the night in Patrick White +300.

This week, we're jumping into a five-battle card with five undefeated 레이스벳  warriors. Tuesday night, 7-0 Chris Duncan will at last show up after a few deferrals, including an adversary for week five experiencing an unexpected influenza post-weight cut.

Last week, we were back to the same old thing with four of the five battles finishing with a completion. I'll cover prop wagers, however as I've said previously, never risked everything and the kitchen sink at a DWCS.

We should get into the wagering chances, details, chances history, and battle exhibitions of these ten competitors, beginning with the headliner.

Bantamweight - Reyes Cortez Junior versus Christian Rodriguez

This headliner is between two finishers, both fit for knockouts, both preparation with significant level schools.


+165 Odds -190

29 Age 23

5'7″ Height 5'7″

5-1 Record 5-0

0/4, 80% Submissions/TKO, Finish % 2/3, 100 percent

NA Betting Odds History -150 at CFFC 99

An extremely even coordinate, with Cortez brandishing one misfortune. High completing rates for the two contenders with the most loved wearing all completions. Note that Rodriguez has accommodation wraps up also, while Cortez is a striking focused warrior.

However Cortez battled for LFA, the chances history is unrecorded. Christian's time at CFFC was firmly observed.

Preparing Footage and Camps for Cortez

Cortez has prepared at The MMA Lab before, home of Sugar Sean and other UFC backbones. Presently, he's posting film from a camp called Fight Ready MMA and Fitness. It's a Marcelo Garcia associated rec center with Frankie Saenz as the lead trainer. They've created warriors like the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung and Henry Cejudo.

I'm glad to see Cortez moving starting with one significant level school then onto the next. He's broadly educating in Brazil with the UFC's Tracy Cortez, his sister. She's been on a nine-battle win streak with four battles in the UFC.

Preparing Footage and Camps for Rodriguez

Christian Rodriguez's essential foundation has been Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Duke Ruofus is a MMA legend, and he's at present working with contenders like Anthony Pettis, Ben Askren, and Belal Muhammad.

He seems, by all accounts, to be looking incredible and is preparing at his foundation full time.

Christian Rodriguez Fight Performances

Christian has won each of the five of his expert battles by finish and holds one more four novice wraps up across seven battles. His greatest success was over the undefeated John Pham in the LFA.

As of late, he confronted 4-2 Charalampos Grigoriou and completed him with a third-round TKO. He took out Jason Huntly for LFA, a 6-9 warrior who resigned after the rebuffing rout. Each of the five professional successes have gathered since May of 2019.

Battle film shows superb hooking mechanics, body lock takedowns, whirlwinds of hands and knees. He's shown no prompt shortcomings and has a total striking and hooking game, yet his nature of rival isn't close to as high as Junior Cortez.

Reyes Cortez Junior Fight Performances

Reyes sports 텐벳  four knockouts as a professional, and three novice wraps up. He's been contending beginning around 2013 and turned genius in 2017, battling for Iron kid MMA, LFA, PFC, and most as of late Combat worldwide. As a novice, he was a fear, and old video shows him cutting through inadequate adversaries from 2014 to 2017.

His greatest success was over Axel Osuna, a 3-0 accommodation warrior out of Mexico positioned #39th in the country.

Reyes lost to Justin Hughes, a 3-4 warrior from LFA. Hughes battles out of Gilbert Grappling in Chicago. Hughes is the sort of warrior who will not back up. You will meet him in the middle enclosure regardless of what your methodology. Hughes' physicality and readiness to trade won him the battle. It's reasonable Reyes hostile wrestling needs work.

In Reyes' battle against Chuck Mady in 2019, he looks light on his feet and extremely ready to play the assailant. He moves straight into grasps and should have the option to guard Rodriguez's body lock takedown early. Mady brought practically nothing to the table for versus Cortez. Finding other expert contest film for Reyez's troublesome.

Prop Bets Available

Battle Goes to Decision

Indeed (+125)

No (- 165)

Complete Odds

O 2.5 (- 115)

U 2.5 (- 115)

The genuine cash MMA wagering destinations see this as a battle that can and ought to end whenever. Rodriguez is patient, and his footwork makes this a battle he could take more time on the off chance that he saw fit. I don't know Cortez has the devices to do a lot directing of the speed. Assuming you'd like some protection against Cortez's capacity for streak knockouts, consider the under 2 ½ Rounds prop, paying out at $0.87 per dollar bet.

Last Betting Pick for Rodriguez versus Cortez

This is a session between grapplers who make them strike. Matt is a sufficient grappler to rule Shimon, I see Rodriguez donning the sort of style that can disturb the striking of Cortez. Cortez has a phenomenal striking, yet his guarded wrestling and capacity to stay away from the secure aren't on Rodriguez's level. Search for a chance of choice in the event that Rodriguez can't complete Cortez on the ground.

I'm available to the chance of a Cortez knockout, yet not a choice win.

I pick Christian Rodriguez - 190

Heavyweight - Lorenzo Hood versus Martin Buday


+310 Odds -450

32 Age 29

6'3″ Height 6'3″

12-4, 1NC Record 8-1

0/6, NA Submissions/TKO, Finish %

Hood battled fundamentally for Montana provincial advancements that neglected to create a success result for Hood as soon as 2009, so it's challenging to get an exact feel for exactly the number of contenders he's done. Buday is more youthful and has lost less battles. He completes practically every rival.

From UFCstats.com we additionally observed that Hood has a 82" revealed reach. He regularly battles southpaw.

Instructional courses and Footage for Lorenzo Hood

Hood battles for Team Top Notch, the current home of the UFC's Ricardo Lamas. Via virtual entertainment, he guarantees fifteen first-round TKOs in MMA, which matches his revealed battles missing from MMA details locales.

Hood has been broadly educating with other fair rec centers. Chicago battle group, his fitness coach I Noah Coaching, and different UFC Gyms. He looks a lot bigger than he did in the majority of his battles. It's reasonable he's focused on molding for the last year.

Instructional courses and Footage for Martin Buday

Buday right now lives in Slovakia. He's the blue belt IBJJF European Nogi Champion at heavyweight however as of late lost the earthy colored belt competition in Dublin. He prepares BJJ under Clube de jiu-jitsu Pitbull Europe.

His exercise center, Spartakus Fight Gym, has delivered a few UFC type warriors including L'udovit Klein, and a contender you ought to pay special attention to. Ahmed Abdulkadirov.

He's broadly educated at Nitra BJJ in Slovakia and has procured a presentation lifting mentor. It's unmistakable he's in shape and focusing on BJJ paving the way to the battle.

Hood Fight Performances

Lorenzo Hood has won his last three battles, all against rivals with larger part losing records incorporating a battle with 1-10 Jake Zogg briefly time in Hood's vocation. His last two misfortunes were against roger that Tyler King by Submission and 3-3 Shelton Graves by TKO.

Hood likewise sports a misfortune to Curtis Blades in 2014 and a TKO prevail upon accommodation craftsman Jesseray Childrey with a sixteen-second knockout.

Kindly NOTE:

It's unmistakable in the wake of seeing his record and exhibitions, Hood will either thump you oblivious early or lose the battle. It's indistinct assuming he's developed past that over the most recent three years of movement with new mentors in Chicago.

Against Shelton Graves in 2015, Hood showed basically no wrestling sharpness. Hood should have turned his capacities around over the most recent six years. He's shown no hostile wrestling in any session, and his main technique for overcoming Buday will be moving straight in and swinging for the wall.

Buday Fight Performances

Buday handled a staggering second-round finish of Kamil Minda, a 7-1 possibility from Russia, in his last session. He took out Daniel Dittrich in the second round with an amazing Kimura.

Buday's last four battles have been against rivals with winning records, which is exceptional for a genius from Eastern Europe at his level. He completed every one of them in the first and second round.

His one misfortune to then 7-1 Juan Espino occurred in 2017. The subtleties of the battle are muddled. Espino was The Ultimate Fighter 28 victor and is a certainly decent warrior.

In the battle with 5-3 Daniel Dittrich in 2019, Buday showed great guard while striking into the grasp. He ruled the first round, prompting a second-round where he played out precisely the same system. When Dittrich was on the floor, he was unable to remain in one or the other round, Buday's ground control is master.

Prop Bets Available

Battle Goes to Decision

Indeed (+400)

No (- 600)

Absolute Odds

O 1.5 (+155)

U 1.5 (- 185)

The online sportsbooks see this battle the manner in which I do. Hood will win early or fight 'til the end. Hood's absence of ground game makes this the sort of striker versus grappler battle we would find in the mid '90s. I can't understand just skipping figuring out how to wrestle. The under 1½ Rounds prop pays $0.54 per dollar bet assuming you've more confidence in Hood's grasp than I do.

Last Betting Pick for Buday versus Hood

Obviously Hood has a forceful striking and will give his best for make an interesting DWCS session, yet he has shown no capacity to stop the sort of takedown and submit system that Buday has constructed his profession on.

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